NOMB Changes

Believing in the positive impact of surfing

NOMB Changes is a NGO evolved from the passion for surfing, the love for mother earth and the fundamental belief of initiating great changes with little steps. 

Our motivation: to make a difference together with our community of NOMB Changers. We strive for a greener, fairer and more social world.

Our goal: creating sustainable change within individual human beings as well as in the society through the sport of surfing and its connection to mother nature.

Our mission

Using surfing as a tool we plan, implement and support projects. As an impulse for education, evolution and change in the following areas:


Nature is our origin and our home. Mother earth is the basis of existence for all beings, and we strive to respect and protect her.


The ocean as our place of energy as well as our playground. Our safe haven and our challenge. Here we find balance, connection, energy. Its protection is our mission.


Change begins within the mind. We believe in the importance of mental health, equality and equal opportunity. We offer safe space for personal experiences and challenges.


Our body is the most complex machine ever built. We promote body experience and positive body images. We encourage personal challenges and individual growth.

About us

Our background

NOMB Changes is a non-profit association based in Fuerteventura, Canary Island. The four founders share their love for surfing and the ocean, as well as the believe: change begins within us.

We are the change

Our projects 2024

Para Surf Training

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Surfday Bern

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Waves of Inclusion

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