NOMB Changes – Positive change in our society and our environment through surfing.

Being a travelling surfer comes with responsibility. While on the one hand we are trying to maximise our positive footprint (economically and socially), we intend to keep our negative footprint as low as possible (environmentally).

That means, that while surfing somewhere that’s not our home break, we leave money in the hosting community, and we also engage with them socially. As we do have to travel to get to our surfing destination, we at least try to keep our footprint low when we get there. An easy way to do this is to leave the beach in a better state than in which we found it.

In February 2016, c0-founder Angie organized a NOMB Surf trip to Chile, fc0-ounder Chicken joined in as surfer. That meant double trouble in the South of Chile 😉

It also meant double power. While talking to some of the very friendly locals in Buchupuro (an incredible pointbreak in the VII region), the surf team found out, that local environmental group ‘ Todos somos Cobquecura’ was organizing a beach clean up on the beach right in front of our homebase.

The group, made up of local surfers and families, are trying to defend their coastline against pollution, and battle against the installation of a salmon factory in Cobquecura. A long fight against the regional and national governments, which they finally won in October 2020. Heroes. They haven’t stopped since and keep battling against other unnecessary industrial projects, and are still organizing beach clean ups.

Back in 2016 we joined them for one of their beach clean ups in Buchupureo. There is a small river flowing into the ocean, which sadly not only carries water but also trash. Makes you wonder if people up the stream realize that their actions have a direct impact on our oceans.

There was also a lot of ocean trash to be collected on the beach. There is a lot of commercial fishing in the South of Chile, leaving it’s traces: fisher nets, buoys, fishing boots etc).

We were welcomed with open arms and, even though communication was a bit bumpy due to language barriers, we had a great time helping those motivated locals. Our efforts were really appreciated and we were even invited to join them for some tea and pancitos afterwards. Together we managed to collect a great amount of rubbish from their beach, leaving it in a way better state than before.

Wie geht es weiter?

We as NOMB Changes will continue to support beach clean ups and local groups (like we have done in Ghana, supporting BBCC). If you are a group looking for support or your beach needs some help, please get in touch.

We strongly believe that everyone of us can do their little bit to make this planet a better world. You see some rubbish on the beach/street/field/forest, pick it up. Mother nature will be forever grateful. Living a conscious life is not hard, reach out if you want to change your habits and need support.


Buchupureo (Chile)


Feb 2016


Environmental protection and consciousness