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Past Projects

Ghanarama Surfday

Busua Beach is a small beach community in West Ghana. It´s a picture perfect little beach town, nestled next to a creek flowing into the ocean. People are very friendly and welcoming, happy to share everything they have. That includes their waves.

In September 2019, NOMB Surf organized a guided surftrip to Busua, called #Ghanarama. Trying to be tge most sustainable possible, a surfday was organized to benefit the local community. Co-founders Angie and Annette were part of the organizing team heading down there. Here are their memories:

The idea of the surfday was born when local surf school owner Peter mentioned before our trip that there is hardly any surf equipment available in Ghana. So we decided to organize a fundraising prior to our surf trip to. We didn’t raise for money but for surf equipment. Loaded with a board bag filled with 4 surfboards, and various suitcases full of surf equipment (leashes, fins, wax, rash guards etc) we travelled to Ghana.

Instead of just giving away all the goodies, we wanted to create an interaction with the local community and leave a positive footprint. We were surfing in their waves after all, and showing respect and appreciation is the minimum a travelling surfer can do.


Busua Beach (Ghana)



Sep 2019


Empowerment & inter-cultural learning

The surfday consisted of free surfclasses in the morning, for everyone who wanted to try. Followed by a surf competition in the afternoon. The competition was not only about having a good time in the water but also about passing on essential knowledge about competitive surfing. Check out the memories of co-founder and professional surf coach Angie about this special day:

The whole #Ghanarama trip has been an unforgettable experience. Every single minute of it. But personally, what touched me most was the surfday we organized for the local community. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine how many people would participate.

The surfday was held on Sunday 22nd September at Ahanta Waves Surfschool right on the beach in Busua. I couldn't believe it when more than 20 kids turned up to try to surf and join us in the waves.

Thanks to all the instructors (and freesurfers) of Busua, we managed to get all the kids into the waves. What a bunch of little shredders. I had some great moments with the local girls who were really keen to surf with me. They even told some boys to go away because they wanted to surf with me alone.
I have grown up believing that I can reach whatever I want, that the world holds no restrictions for me, and even less because I am a woman. Being able to pass on some of my positive energy and empower some girls in Ghana was incredible. I tried to make them understand that for them too, the world is an open canvas, making them feel how much they are worth being young, strong and independent women. That was a life changing experience which deeply touched my heart and soul.

The free surf classes were followed by a surfing competition. Believe it or not, about 40 surfers signed up for it. We ran a juniors, a ladies and an open division. The surfing in all three categories was impressive. As all kinds of surf equipment is really rare in Ghana, boards and leashes were shared and everyone shredded as hard as he or she could. In the end the winners were crowned with Prince winning the Juniors, Patricia being the Ladies champ and Ballack winning the Open.

Thanks to all our amazing sponsors and donors we had prices for everyone who participated: rashguards, tshirts, wax, sunscreen, fins, leashes, bags, finkeys, stickers etc.. What no one knew was that we had three surfboards to give away to the 3 winners. Imagine the stoke of Prince, Patricia and Ballack when they all receive a coconut-fin trophy, a surfboard and some accessories.


What the future holds:

We have always been sure that we will return to Busua Beach one day. And now we have a better reason than ever. Since our surfday in September 2019, a female surfgroup has come together, the Obibini Girls Surfclub. The ‘first ever local girls surf club’ in Busua Beach. Not only do those girls surf together on a daily basis, they even have the first ever female surf instructors. Seeing familiar faces, girls who surfed with us on our surfday, including our ladies division winner Patricia, makes us hope that we have maybe been a small part of their journey.

Seeing this beautiful development of the local girls surf scene has lead us to the decision to organize another trip to Busua Beach: a ladies only surfing masterclass week! A whole week packed with professional surfcoaching, workshops about competitive surfing, lifesaving, being a surfcoach, and so much more.