What do we do?

Our projects

We believe in the potential of surfing and in the ocean as our core of planet earth. We are convinced that surfing offers many possibilities to promote environmental consciousness, to activate changes within ourselves and to improve the physical and mental health of people.

Our mission consists of the planning, implementation and support of projects within the context of surfing. As an inspiration and impulse for education, evolution and change within our four core areas:





Currently NOMB Changes is still in the lgeal foundation process. However, various projects have already taken place, conducted by NOMB Surf. Projects we were able to organize and support. We were able to experience first hand just how much change is possible thanks to surfing. The success of these projects motivated and encouraged us to form NOMB Changes. 

These are some of the projects we have supported:

Para Surf Training

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Surfday in Ghana

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Trancalmate Vol.2

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While we are very grateful about the small changes we have been able to make in other peoples lives and our environment, we are left hungry for more. NOMB Changes as an official non-profit association provides us with a platform to initiate change on a much more bigger level.

Find out more about our background, how NOMB Changes was born and how you, too, can change the world to a better version of it:

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our family of NOMB Changer.