NOMB Changes – Positive change in our society and our environment through surfing.

Coming together

Our dreams and ideals spark NOMB Change's mission for a better world

A rock in the Atlantic Ocean, roughly 100 km West of the African coast: on the island of Fuerteventura is where our story began. Here is where we four founders met and got to appreciate each other in 2015.

Countless surf sessions, projects and adventures in different continents, loads of waves and challenges later, were said: That fits!

And so we brought them together, our ideals, dreams and ideas to make this world a better place and home for everyone. Born was NOMB Changes and our mission to change the world through surfing. 

We want to initiate positive changes in our society and our environment. How? Through surfing.

NOMB Changes

Passion & Tool

Why surfing?

Surfing as an impulse

for the protection of our natural base of life according to the sustainable development goals.


Surfing as a chance

for the encounter of human beings at eye level, independent of gender, origin, and education.


Surfing as a of space for experience

for building up strengths and overcoming challenges.


Surfing as an inspiration

for personal growth and positive change.

Surfing to us means passion, home, growth, empowerment, and room for experience within our own possibilities as well as our planet and nature. We believe in the potential of surfing and in the ocean as our core of planet earth. We are convinced that surfing offers many possibilities to promote environmental consciousness, to activate changes within ourselves and to improve the physical and mental health of people.

We have organized and supported numerous projects in the past years, strenghtening our philosophy mentioned above. These events have inspired us to start NOMB Changes and build a bigger platform that provides room and possibility for change.

What we do

What happens when 4 women come together?

Surfing connects us not just to one ocean but to impactful initiatives across the globe. As four friends united by our love for the ocean, we use the power of surfing to initiate diverse projects that advocate for environmental sustainability, social equality, and community empowerment.

From shores to in-land communities worldwide, we leverage our unique experiences and shared passion to initiate real-world changes. Through surfing, we open doors to new cultures, promote inclusivity, and inspire action towards protecting our planet. 

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