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Trancalmate 2024

#Trancalmate is a mix of the Spanish words calmate (relax) and tranquillo (calm). The perfect name of a yoga & surf trip which we co-organize and partly fund in Galicia (Northwest Spain) in September every year.  #Trancalmate is carefully designed for women with breast cancer and/or the genetic mutation BRCA I and II.

Having undergone aggressive treatment and even surgery, breast cancer patients face physical and mental difficulties, often leaving them with an uncertain feeling about their body and strength. The idea of #Trancalmate is to enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of the participants through surfing and yoga.


Rahel KleinAnna Götz, Ramon Alvarez


Physical & mental wellbeing


Sep 2024


Galicia (Spain)

Mastering the waves, being immersed in the ocean and feeling it’s energy, surfing has proven to be of great therapeutical use. We can only think one thought at the time. In the ocean, everything revolves around the water, leaving pain, anxiety and worries apart and replacing those negative feelings with joy, confidence and happiness, caused by the emission of adrenaline in our body.

NOMB Changer Involved

Surfing and yoga combined


Yoga is a practice that connects us with our body through awareness and breathing. Generating a better understanding and acceptance of our physical form and teaching us how to access our emotions through breathing.

Surfing and yoga combined into #Trancalmate:

Six incredible surfer ladies make their ways down to the homebase on the Northwest coast of Galicia, for a full week of ocean. Everyone with her own personal history and with the desire to live life to the fullest. Surfing is a sport that makes you touch your boundaries but also gives you the opportunity to redefine them. And that’s what our participants are doing. All in their own pace and abilities but all with an immense strength and willpower. Accompanied in the water by experienced surf coaches Angie and Ramon, guided on land by empathetic Anna, nourished by star chef Rahel who runs the kitchen.

The results and effects of #Trancalmate start to show on the first day and are longlasting (women from previous events still come together regularly). We see our participants suffer, dealing with their fears, traumas and physical boundaries. But more than that, we see them grow. We see them regain confidence about their bodies. We see them start to believe in themselves again. We see them laugh. We see them filled with joy. We see them become friends. The list of positive effect is endless. 

The camp is organized and accompanied by Anna Götz (specializing in yoga for breast cancer patients), journalist Rahel Klein, and our founder Angie Ringleb (specializing in surf coaching for surfers with physical and mental disabilities). Joining them is local surf coach Ramon Alvarez, who provides his local knowledge and the entire surf equipment.

What happens next

Having made such a difference in the life of these women during the past two years, we have decided to turn #Trancalmate into an annual event. We would like to give more women affected by breast cancer and/or BRCA I and II, the chance to heal through surfing & yoga.

#Trancalmate Vol. 3 will be in September 2024, again in Galicia. If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with us anytime.

Would you like to get involved? Every action helps!

Our retreat is designed to offer a sanctuary for individuals affected by breast cancer, where they can find support, understanding, and renewal. Your contributions play a vital role in this mission.

For many women facing breast cancer, the emotional and financial burdens are significant. Treatment costs, loss of income, and the need for continuous care can strain resources. Being aware of  the struggles that come with breastcancer, we try to keep the retreat costs as low as possible and also work. We also offer discounts / assumption of costs for women with low financial means, in order to make this retreat accessible for everyone.

By donating to us you become a part of making #Trancalmate possible. Please note that we are currently collecting donations without a project specific purpose. This gives us the opportunity to use the funds available flexibly and to realise as many projects as possible. However, in the next step we give you the opportunilty to let us know that your heart beats for #Trancalmate. If you feel like you want to join our mission longterm, please sign up for a membership and become a NOMB Changer. We will be delighted to have you!

Donations are currently not tax-deductible. If you would like to donate amounts larger >200€, please contact us beforehand. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Your Contribution’s Greater Meaning: 

Every donation does more than just cover costs—it sends a powerful message of solidarity and respect toward those affected by breast cancer. Your support is a beacon of hope and strength, showing that they are not alone in this fight. It’s about fostering a community that cherishes resilience and celebrates the courage of every individual. Thanks for your support!



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