Surfing is not only a thrilling water sport but also a source of inspiration for techniques that can benefit us in various aspects of life. In a recent workshop held by us at Luise von Marillac Clinic in Bad Überkingen, Germany, 15 women undergoing rehabilitation for breast cancer had the opportunity to explore breathing techniques derived from the world of surfing. The workshop, facilitated by Angie and Annette, two of the founders of NOMB Changes, aimed to empower these women in their recovery journey by teaching them adaptable breathing techniques that can be applied not only in challenging breast cancer treatments but also in everyday life situations.

Beyond the Waves

Annette personally experienced the benefits of these breathing techniques during her breast cancer treatment. As Angie planned to visit her during her rehabilitation stay at Luise von Marillac Clinic Annette encouraged her Angie to apply her knowledge beyond the realm of surfing. Angie, being passionate about empowering others, gladly agreed to pass on her proficiency. Together, they tailored the techniques to suit the needs of the breast cancer rehab participants, ensuring their applicability in everyday life situations.

A Surfer’s Breath

Angie, a professional surf coach, shared her knowledge and expertise with the participants, highlighting the importance of breathing in surfing and how it can be applied outside the ocean. The workshop focused on four different types of breathing techniques:

  • preparation,
  • performance,
  • recovery,
  • and an emergency breath.

These techniques were designed to enhance overall performance, well-being and resilience, not only in surfing but also in the face of life’s challenges.


The Basics of Breathing

Before diving into the specific breathing techniques, the workshop covered the fundamentals of breathing. The participants learned about the concept of a full breath, which involves utilizing the diaphragm to inhale deeply, filling the lungs to their maximum capacity, and exhaling fully to release any tension or stress. Emphasizing the significance of deep, diaphragmatic breathing for relaxation, stress reduction, and improved mental clarity, the participants learned to understand their ´oxygen tank`. This fundamental technique formed the foundation upon which the other breathing techniques were built.


Interactive Neuro-Centered Brain Activations

Recognizing that the brain sometimes needs a little coaxing to cooperate, the workshop also incorporated fun and interactive neuro-centered brain activations.

These exercises were designed to help participants stimulate their brains and enhance focus, especially during times when the brain may feel uncooperative, especially due to the effects of treatment or recovery.

The women enthusiastically participated in these activities, discovering newfound levels of concentration and mental clarity and the potential to improve their overall cognitive function and mental well-being.

The room was filled with laughter, a bonus of these easy to remember activations.

Taking it to the Streets

The true test of the workshop’s effectiveness came the following day when the women took their newfound knowledge to the beautiful Nordic walking trails surrounding the clinic. Equipped with their breathing techniques, they embarked on their routine, expecting nothing more than a pleasant workout. What they experienced, however, was nothing short of astonishing. The participants reported increased focus, reduced fatigue, and all of them kept within the optimal range of heartrate. The women highlighted the performance breath, which enabled them to tap into a newfound reserve of energy, powering through their workout with ease. The recovery breath brought a sense of tranquillity, as they released any physical and emotional tension after the workout.


Beautiful experience with an impact

The workshop on breathing techniques derived from the world of surfing was a great experience for the 15 women. Under the guidance of our founders Angie and Annette, they discovered the power of the breath as a tool for empowerment and resilience.
These techniques, originally designed for surfing, proved to be adaptable in everyday life situations and also during challenging breast cancer treatments. By incorporating these breathing techniques, the participants unlocked a new tool to stimulate their mental and physical well-being, reinforcing their strength and determination. These techniques, along with the interactive brain activations, empowered the participants to embrace their challenges head-on and discover new strengths within themselves.

To the 15 remarkable women who placed their trust in Angie & Annette, and the power of breath, you are true inspirations. The workshop was a testament to your strength and resilience, hopefully reminding you that you really rock your journey of recovery and beyond.