Community event


Bern, Switzerland

Summer 2024

Organisation & Realisation

Philipp Kohli (reformed church Köniz)

 Physical & Mental Wellbeing

We at NOMB Changes like revivals – and hereby announce the second edition of our Surfday in landlocked Bern (Switzerland). The surf & balance surfing day aims to get our youngest members of society excited about surfing and is particularly aimed at families. For us surfing is an inclusive sport and we actively encourage kids with physical and mental disabilities to participate in this exciting Surfday.

During the Surfday, thanks to various balance activities and surf workshops, we create a first contact with the sport of surfing. These workshops are not only aimed at strengthening the body, mind and soul, but also at what is essential for us: well-being and fun! Seeing loads of smiling faces that day means we have achieved our goal.

Thanks to the collaboration with the reformed Church, a holistic event is created that combines physical activity, sensibility for nature and spiritual aspects. The cooperation offers space to exchange experiences and reflect on the connection to nature and community.

How it works

In 2024, the Surfday will again take place in the Badi Köniz in Bern, which warmly welcomes us for our workshop day and creates perfect conditions for encountering the sport of surfing in a variety of ways.

The Surfday is purposedly held in the warm summer months to ensure a pleasant surfing experience and a high participation during summer holidays. The attendence of the workshops and activities are free of charge for everyone. Upfront, the event will promoted through targeted public relations work in collaboration with local media, social networks and cooperation partners.

However, we do rely on donations to fund this special Surfday in Bern. If you want to participate in the Surfday, stay tuned for the dates soon to be released and simply join us in the Badi Köniz. If you would like to volounteer or  if you can’t make it on the day but want to support us through a donation you can do so here.

 We are excited to once again initiate positive changes through surfing in Switzerland. Thanks to everyone involved, and especially our volounteers, to make this Surfday in Bern reality in 2024!

Diary: #Surfday Bern (Aug 2022)

Stay tuned for more info about the Surfday in Bern and how you can support it: